so you're getting married...............
So can I just take a moment to say 'Woohoo your getting married'. I'm guessing by now,
you have noticed that there are many different, fancy 'buzz words' flying around with regard
to Photography and even more for Wedding Photography, and yes, they have a place, but
ultimately all you need to know 'is what you want' for your special day. A wedding is typically, the Ceremony,
the Meal and the First Dance, memories are all the moments in between, this, and so much more
is what I will capture.

And how do I plan on doing all this, well that part is simple, get to know you, long before the big day,
because ultimately, its really just you two that know what you want, and if you don't ? Then thats
fine too because together we can figure it out, I really just want you guys to be comfortable on the day
and all will be discussed in advance such as formal photo's you want captured and where you two would
like to go for your private little shoot on the day, this is a great time to take a breath and just relax together,
away from friends and family and to just enjoy a few stolen moments.

I specialize in catching the moments that should never be forgotten, the simple touch of a hand,
that emotional embrace with your father, the laughs with friends, the tender moments with each other,
the knowing looks and honest smiles. I will capture them all, without intruding on your day, without the
cheesy posing and demanding instructions. I will be a snap happy 'fly on the wall' catching the honest
emotion and joy , making your day truly unforgettable.

So, if I sound like a match for your style, then I would love to hear from you........